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The Many Faces of Lyford Cay

Reprinted with permission from Arthur Hailey. The late Arthur Hailey, best-selling author of many books including “Airport”, “Hotel”, “Wheels”, and “The Moneychangers” was a resident of Lyford Cay. “The Many Faces of Lyford Cay” was part of a newsletter
he wrote for the community.

Most people who view Lyford Cay from outside think of it as a single entity. Insiders, of course, know differently…. but do they always? Newcomers, and even oldsters, are sometimes confused by the Cay’s several organisations and responsibilities, and are unsure about exactly who does what. So here is a general guide.


The Club’s oldest organisation and its “Jewel in the Crown” was founded in 1958 by the late E.P. Taylor. Lyford Cay Club is independent, is owned by the membership, and run by a Board of Governors elected annually.

The Club’s direct physical responsibilities cover all Club buildings, including restaurants, meeting rooms, cottages and guest rooms, the golf course, tennis courts, main yacht harbour (though not canals), and Clifton Bay marina.

The Club carefully controls its membership. Owning property in Lyford Cay does not entitle the owner or owners to Club membership or use of Club facilities. Such persons, if they choose, must apply for membership, and be considered in the normal way. About one-sixth of Lyford Cay home owners are not Club members.


This is a separate organisation and is run by a Board of Directors, elected annually. The P.O.A. was established in 1961 when only a few houses existed in the Cay and its tasks were minor. Now, with a large Lyford populace, its wide duties embrace general community management.

The P.O.A. is responsible for and controls: Security and Fire Protection, Maintenance of the Roads and Canals, Landscape Maintenance (except for the Club grounds), Sanitation (garbage collection three times weekly), Mail Service, Building Approvals, Water and Electricity (liaison with suppliers), Environmental Matters, Hurricane Protection, Animal Control, and Financial Management of all the foregoing.

While the P.O.A. is an independent body, there is close liaison with Lyford Cay Club on matters of mutual concern. The Club contributes financially to the P.O.A. in return for services provided.


The objective of these organisations is to facilitate the higher education of Bahamian students and provide support for Bahamian charities. Funds for these purposes, including large long-term endowments, are contributed by Club members and Lyford Cay residents.


This is a totally independent body, operated by Governors and a Board of Directors and, since 1993, has been a non-profit corporation. While the school has no direct connection with Lyford Cay Club or the Property Owners Association, it contributes greatly to Lyford Cay’s prestige.

Although the school is within the Cay, it serves principally the outside New Providence community and only 20% of pupils are from Lyford Cay homes. 75% are from the outside, and 47% of all pupils are Bahamians.


A medical facility known as Western Medical Centre was established om 1966 by the late E.P. Taylor. In 1975, the seven-bedroom Lyford Cay Hospital was constructed, adjoining the original out-patient clinic. The in-patient facility of hospitals beds is, however, sparingly used now.

Since 1986, Dr. Dean Tseretopoulos has been providing medical care, particularly in his specialties of Internal Medicine, and Cardiology. He is a consultant at the Cleveland Clinic, and Duke University Hospital. Unlike most North American Physicians, Dr. Tseretopoulos does make house calls. (Dr. Angela Kunz, whose specialty is Internal Medicine, joined Lyford Cay Hospital in 2003.)

The only decompression chamber in Nassau for dive-related injuries is on site.

Lyford Cay Hospital serves patients from all parts of The Bahamas, and 90 percent have no affiliation with Lyford Cay.

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